Best Wireless Routers: Keyword Analysis and Evaluation for SEO

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Hi SEOs,
In this article, Tran Ngoc Thuy will share the SEO keyword analysis and evaluation: "Best Wireless Routers". Moreover, I also reveal how to estimate the relative number to help you optimize SEO landing pages to TOP Google.

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  1. Main Keyword: Best Wireless Routers
  2. Geographical Area: USA
  3. Ranking:
  4. Time for the project: 8 months
  5. Time for implementation: 6 months
  6. Landing Page:
Let's take a look at the 10 landing pages that are in the TOP 10 with the keywords:

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link router
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For more information, please see here.
Based on the Google Sheet file, you will know the 6-8 month goal:
  1. Total domains: 423
  2. Total dofollow domains: 331.5
  3. Total of backlinks: 1630.5
  4. Total of dofollow backlinks: 1294.5

In case you have questions, please comment below.

Note: These are reviews of relative numbers by Tran Ngoc Thuy. If your domain has just started implementing SEO, this is just a number for your reference. Therefore, we disclaim any responsibility related to your SEO project.

This article is researched by Tran Ngoc Thuy and Tracy Honor (@tracyhonor206). If you find it useful, please share it with everyone.

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